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🍿 Organising and bulk renaming media library made easy with Python and imDB (Essential for xbmc, plex etc.)
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RENAME-Movies (Alt.).py

Media Library Organiser

Automatically bulk renames and organises your Movie and TV-Shows Library.
Ideal for maintaining your xbmc library.

Why do I do it?

This boosts my frequently updated massive media library organised almost instantly.

What's New !

  • [ADDED] Fallback mode if unable to detect a TV Show.
  • [ADDED] Automatic Subtitle Downloader.
  • [UPDATE] Uses imDB to retrieve the most relevent movie and series names.
  • To view the entire Update log -
  • To view the features that are to be added on the next version -

Getting Started


What things you need to run the program:

  • Python Compiler (3.7 Recommended)
  • Install the following Packages from pypi by using the following commands:
    • strsim and imdbpy
      pip install strsim
      pip install imdbpy


  • Offline Movie files are renamed and organized in format:
<Movie_name> (<year>)
  • All episodes of series are renamed in the format:
  • Allmovies are moved inside a folder with their corresponding name and release year in it:
*/Output/Movies/<Movie_name> (<year>)/
  • All episodes of a series are moved inside a folder with their corresponding Season number in it:


  • Step 1: Move all the media files that are to be renamed and organised into "/Input/Movies" or "/Input/Series" folder according to the requirement.
  • Step 2: Run the appropirate .py file or
  • Step 3: If no error occurs, the organized files would be inside "/Output/Movies" or "/Output/Series" folder accordingly.




  • Hat tip to anyone whose code was used.
  • Myself :P

Made with ❤️ by K-Kraken


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