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xSDR6000 License: MIT

Mac Client for the FlexRadio (TM) 6000 series software defined radios.

Built on:
  • macOS 11.2.1
  • Xcode 12.4 (12D4e)
  • Swift 5.3
Runs on:
  • macOS 10.15 and higher

Compiled RELEASE builds will be created at relatively stable points, please use them. If you require a DEBUG build you will have to build from sources.

Comments / Questions

Please send any bugs / comments / questions to


Flex Radios can have one of four different version groups:

  • v1.x.x, the v1 API - untested at this time
  • v2.0.x thru v2.4.9, the v2 API<<-- CURRENTLY SUPPORTED
  • v2.5.1 to less than v3.0.0, the v3 API without MultiFlex <<-- CURRENTLY SUPPORTED
  • v3.0.0 thru v3.2.14, the v3 API with MultiFlex <<-- CURRENTLY SUPPORTED
  • greater than v3.2.14 - untested at this time (may work ???)






Other software

DL3LSM Mac versions of DAX and/or CAT and a Remote CW Keyer.
W6OP A Mac-based Voice Keyer and a CW Keyer.

1.2.14 Release Notes
  • corrected version number to 1.2.14
1.2.13 Release Notes
  • corrected left-button drag in Panadapter and Flag sub views
1.2.12 Release Notes
  • corrections to PanadapterRenderer & WaterfallRenderer to eliminate pink screen on M1 Macs
1.2.11 Release Notes
  • corrected action of buttons on Flag
  • made panadapter and waterfall click / drag actions the same
  • added incrFrequency & decrFrequency to Radio menu with key equivalents Cmd-RightArrow & Cmd-LeftArrow
  • added xmit to Radio menu with key equivalent Cmd-X
1.2.10 Release Notes
  • corrected disconnection process
  • corrected ATU usage in TXViewController.swift
  • in PanafallViewController.swift added ability to double-click waterfall to change / move slice
  • in AudioViewController.swift corrected agcMode == off
  • in AntennaViewController.swift made rfGain controller respond continuously
  • corrected the constraints in the Rx Side view to close up when controls are closed
  • major rework of all the Side controllers & their observations
  • code formatting changes throughout
  • changes to MacAudio operation to try to reduce occasional "buzz"
1.2.9 Release Notes
  • corrected constraints on the Auth0 sheet (SmartLink logon)
  • changed disconnect alert to be runModal rather than beginSheetModal
  • changed all email references to new email (
1.2.8 Release Notes
  • xMini enhanced to make multiple Mini's, one per Panadapter
  • made xMini background opaque
  • made xMIni remember window position (by band)
  • changed Panadapter & Waterfall load/store actions to .clear/.dontcare
  • revised BandButtons (prep for adding Xvtr bandbuttons)
  • corrected an error in panadapter fill level & color
1.2.7 Release Notes
  • fixed crash when selecting Dax button on Panadapter left side
  • added xMini and xMini entry in Radio menu
1.2.6 Release Notes
  • corrected crash when opening if Side View was open on last execution
  • corrected Slice / Spectrum dragging in Panadapter
  • corrected issue with opening Preferences
  • corrected 1 Hz rounding errors in frequency
  • corrected ANF / APF in Flag->DSP tab
  • corrected Audio Gain on Flag->AUD tab
  • corrected missing frequency & filter values on Side View RX tab
1.2.5 Release Notes
  • added Startup Message and "showStartupMessage" Defaults key
  • updated Help
  • changed Metal drawing (Panadapter & Waterfall) from "on demand" to "periodic"
  • corrected timeout of side button popovers
  • changed queue usage for Logging
  • corrected Waterfall (no longer restarts periodically)
  • minor edits, stability improvements & code cleanup
1.2.4 Release Notes
  • corrections to Flag frequency field formatting
  • added "SmartLink enabled" to Radio menu (ability to disable SmartLink)
  • disable Login button on RadioPicker when SmartLink disabled
  • added Alert when default radio not found
  • refactored observations in Slice Flag
  • corrections to filter width by mode (thanks to Mario, DL3LSM)
  • corrected issue where Slice Flag moves but filter outline does not (thanks to Mario, DL3LSM)
  • corrected issue where frequency changes but displayed frequency does not (thanks to Manoj, VU2CPL)
  • many minor edits & code cleanup
1.2.3 Release Notes
  • removed version warning (source of toolbar button issue)
1.2.2 Release Notes
  • made width of parameter monitor fixed
  • delayed toolbar button enabling to firstPing Response
  • correction to Rf Gain values for 6400 & 6600
  • corrections to meter handling (e.g. S-Meter, Power & SWR indicators)
  • corrections to eliminate data races and main thread issues
1.2.1 Release Notes
  • major refactor of RadioPicker / RadioViewController / WanManager / Auth0
  • refactor of Parameter Monitor
  • updated Help to include list of Unimplemented features and Known issues
  • corrected crash on FlexControl enable (FlexControl not implemented)
  • corrected a number of Main Thread issues
  • refactored Waterfall to eliminate crash on resizing
  • added Connect / Disconnect button to Toolbar
  • corrected main thread issue in Slice flag
  • corrected Side button action (toolbar)
  • corrected Radio menu actions
1.2.0 Release Notes
  • corrected crash on changing Pan fill level

  • corrected crash on Slice mode change

  • corrected s-Meter operation w/2 slices

  • corrected side view of Slice when active Slice is changed

  • corrected Slice lock

  • corrected Profiles window

  • added right-click in Radio Picker to set/reset default radio

  • addded sheet to announce "waiting for default radio"

  • added additional logging

  • internal changes, major refactoring to simplify internal structure

1.1.10 Release Notes
  • corrected crash due to appFolder Logs
1.1.9 Release Notes
  • Corrected crash when connecting to v3.1.11 radio
1.1.8 Release Notes
  • Location of logs changed to ~/Library/Application Support/net.k3tzr.xSDR6000/Logs
  • Log Viewer added to xSDR6000 Menu
  • various other corrections and stability improvements
1.1.7 Release Notes
  • Fixed crash when selecting FM mode
  • Corrected preamp slider (now different for different Flex models)
  • Corrected TX profile entry on TX Preferences dialog
  • various other corrections and stability improvements
1.1.3 Release Notes
  • Removed from Sandbox
  • Corrections to SmartLink log on/off
  • Unified Local / SmartLink Logon
  • Frequency entry now allows any Mhz value
  • Profiles crash corrected
  • Multiflex offers choice to force a disconnect


Mac Client for the FlexRadio (TM) 6000 series software defined radios.






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