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Experience Index UI replacement application with many features.
Visual Basic .NET Rich Text Format
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This program was written as the Windows Experience Index (WEI) graphic version was removed in Windows 8.1. Many applications that imitate the experience index either do not work properly, or have many adverts, so I created something stable and FOSS.

Version 1 of this project was never published as open-source.



Key features

  • Clean and friendly UI
  • Easily export scores as image or text
  • Imgur API for simple uploading (Own API Client ID needed as it's not included in the source)
  • Full DPI support
  • Normal and Verbose modes
  • Made with portability in mind
  • Windows Vista support

Current version

2.0.2 Build 1HL20 (Release, Stable)


Initially Xiret was created to pass some time when the Experience Index UI was removed in Windows 8.1. Since it's growing into V2 I though 'why not share?' Visual basic isn't too hard to get into and it may help someone learn a thing or two, like I did. Other motivation was anti-virus engines flagging this software as malware, now everyone can see its guts they know they're safe.

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