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SGX-Tor is a Tor anonymity network in the SGX environment. This project will be published in NSDI'17.

Build and run

Linux environment

Install Intel SGX SDK for Linux:

  • See (rootdir)/linux-driver/ and (rootdir)/linux-sdk/

Build Libraries

$ cd (rootdir)/Enclave/TrustedLibrary/LibEvent_SGX
$ ./configure
$ make 
$ cd (rootdir)/Enclave/TrustedLibrary/OpenSSL_SGX
$ ./
$ make
$ cd (rootdir)/Enclave/TrustedLibrary/zlib-1.2.8
$ make

###Build SGX-Tor and Run in an enclave

$ cd (rootdir)/
$ ./app

Windows environment

###Compile OpenSSL Libraries Install ActivePerl
Use 'VS2013 x64 Native Tools Command Prompt'

  • Application and SGX OpenSSL library should be built respectively
$ cd (rootdir)/SGX-Tor_WIN/OpenSSL_APP
$ cd (rootdir)/SGX-Tor_WIN/OpenSSL_SGX
  • compile
$ ina_setting.bat
$ ina_build.bat
bntest.obj : error LNK2019: messages are OK
  • clean
$ ina_clean.bat

###Build LibEvent Libraries

  • Application and SGX LibEvent library should be built respectively
$ cd (rootdir)/SGX-Tor_WIN/LibEvent_APP
$ cd (rootdir)/SGX-Tor_WIN/LibEvent_SGX
  • compile
$ nmake -f Makefile.nmake

###Build ZLib Library

$ open folder (rootdir)/SGX-Tor_WIN/zlib-1.2.8/contrib/vstudio/vc11
$ start zlibvc.sln
$ change configuration to Release mdoe
$ change Platform to x64.
$ visual studio build

###Run SGX-Tor
SGX-Tor will be executed as a client. You can check it by using firefox browser

$ change configuration to Prerelease mdoe
$ change Platform to x64.
$ 'project TorSGX' mouse right click -> Properties
$ change Debugger to launch to Intel(R) SGX Debugger
$ change Working Directory to $(OutDir)
$ do same thing to 'project TorVS2012'
$ build each solution
$ run
  • Warning: use sdk version 1.6 in this repository. SGX-Tor does not work on sdk version 1.7.

###For setting private network ####Setting torrc

these settings are needed only once

  • setting three authorities
$open TorOriginial2012 directory 
$double click ina_fingerprint.bat
$double click ina_gencert.bat
$modify ip_list in to what you want
$(ex. "", "", "")
$double click ina_set.bat 
$SGX-Tor_WIN/nodes/A00x/torrc ,/C001/torrc ... all torrc are changed to their own fingerprint.
$copy a DirAuthority line and paste another torrc
$ open torrc and change OrPort, Address and DirPort to appropriate value
  • setting client
$ change DirAuthority lines in C001/torrc to authorities information 
$ set project arguments

Alt text

  • arguments setting

![Alt text](


Seongmin Kim
Juhyeng Han
Jaehyeong Ha


Seongmin Kim
Juhyeng Han
Jaehyeong Ha
Taesoo Kim
Dongsu Han


Please use the citation below as the canonical reference to SGX-Tor.

Enhancing Security and Privacy of Tor's Ecosystem by using Trusted Execution Environments
Seongmin Kim, Juhyeng Han, Jaehyeong Ha, Taesoo Kim, Dongsu Han
NDSI 2017

        title        = {{Enhancing Security and Privacy of Tor's Ecosystem by using Trusted Execution Environments}},
        author       = {Seongmin Kim and Juhyeng Han and Jaehyeong Ha Taesoo Kim and Dongsu Han},
        booktitle    = {14th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI 17)},
        year         = 2017,