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Docker: Trivial over network in Python

This is a little trivial server written in Python, it may not be pretty as I have been patching it along the way but, it works hehe

As always suggestions are welcome ^^


Here is the help of the trivial server:

usage: [-h] [-p PORT] [-q QUESTIONS] [-l LOG] [-f FLAG]
                  [-a ANSWERS]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PORT, --port PORT  Specify which port to be used. Default: 8100
  -q QUESTIONS, --questions QUESTIONS
                        File containing the questions for the trivial.
                        Default: /root/questions
  -l LOG, --log LOG     Folder where the logs will be saved. Defauld: ./log/
  -f FLAG, --flag FLAG  Flag given at the end of the game to the winners.
                        Default: flag{Tr1v14L-RuL3z}
  -a ANSWERS, --answers ANSWERS
                        Number of correct answers before the flag is given.
                        Default: 1

As the port where the trivial listens can be changed I haven't set any exposed ports so you will need to do it yourself.

To give it a try you can run the container like this:

docker run --rm -it -p 8100:8100 kalrong/trivial

This should start the trivial with the example question and listen on the local machine at port 8100, you can test it with netcat:

nc localhost 8100

And you should see this in your netcat session:

Connected to Trivial!!!
Name of a famous hacker with the initials KM:

And this on docker:

[] Connected
[] Question: Name of a famous hacker with the initials KM

Just answer kevin and you will get the default flag.

Apart from the logs that appear in docker the servers stores a log file per ip in the default location /log inside the container, this can also be changed with the -l, --log option, if you want to save them locally you can always map the log folder to your machine.

Questions format:

The trivial accepts regex on the answers (check the sample questions file) and the default format is: "questions:answer"

If you don't use regex the answer given by the player should match the one you provided, but with a proper set regex you can accept variations like plurals or, in the case of the example, that one word is enough.

Suggestions, questions, errors, etc:

If you have any of the above just open an issue on the githu repository and I will deal with them asap.


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