Simple slot game designed for play in FishCenter Live
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#Tropical Treasures Slot Machine game designed for play in FishCenter Live

Screenshot of FishCenter Live playing the game


Tropical Treasures is a three reel, three line slot game. Spins are triggered by clicking on one of three red coins, and the position of the coin determines the active pay line. In FishCenter, games are keyed over video of a fish tank, allowing a level of interaction between the fish and the game. When a fish touches a red coin, it loses a point and earns a spin.

This game doesn't actively keep track of points since this is typically done separately by FishCenter. Each spin costs one point, and payouts are a fixed amount determined in components/game/scoreLine.js.


The odds for this game were designed with help from a case study by "The Wizard of Odds," Michael Shackleford, A.S.A.

Because Fish Center is more about fish earning points – not losing them – the overall payout (110%) and ROI (398%) are initially geared to be much greater than a typical slot machine. The bulk of the payouts, however, are still lower-value "consolation wins."

Adjusting Odds

Odds depend on symbol frequency, which is set in the generateReels() function in view/view.js.

A spreadsheet is available here to help with making adjustments to the symbol frequencies and payouts.

Technical Notes

This game was built using Angular 1.4, starting with angular-seed. Tests written with Jasmine and ran with Karma.

Legal Notes