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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<html xmlns="">
<meta content="width=700, height=1100" name="viewport"/>
<link href="../Styles/styles.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>
<title>Crazy Fixed Layout Example</title>
<p id="h01" class="heading1">Crazy Fixed Layout</p>
<p id="p01" class="para">This is an <em>EPUB</em> 2 file that uses a fixed layout.</p>
<p id="p02" class="para">This is achieved by placing each line inside a</p>
<p id="p03" class="para"><em>paragraph</em> element. Each <em>paragraph</em> element</p>
<p id="p04" class="para">is placed at a fixed position on the page. Even</p>
<p id="p05" class="para">though this file is valid <em>EPUB</em>, this is a pretty</p>
<p id="p06" class="para"> terrible idea, because in most readers the text</p>
<p id="p07" class="para">will not reflow after resizing the viewer window.</p>
<p id="p08" class="para">If you increase the font size, text will appear</p>
<p id="p09" class="para">garbled. This is a really crap way to make an</p>
<p id="p10" class="para"><em>EPUB</em>.</p>