Advertisement search interface based on image similarity.
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Siamese is a search interface for newspaper advertisements based on image similarity. It returns a set of nearest neighbors for a query image grouped by time period, which can be set at various lengths. It includes a graphical interface that presents the top 10 nearest neighbors along with a timeline of nearest neighbors for each year in the dataset.


Siamese was created during the KB Researcher-in-Residenceship of Melvin Wevers (UU) to explore a set of 426,777 high resolution images of historical newspaper advertisements from two Dutch national newspapers: Algemeen Handelsblad (1945-1969) and NRC Handelsblad (1970-1994). Vector representations of the original images were obtained from the next-to-last layer of the Tensorflow Inception image classifier containing a 2048 float description of the image. These representations were indexed for approximate nearest neighbor search with Annoy, creating indices for a number of time period lenghts. A set of thumbnails scaling down the images to a maximum height of 300 pixels was generated to speed up web access.


Given the availability of appropriately structured data, indices for e.g. each year and decade can be built with:

import annoy_indexer

indexer = annoy_indexer.AnnoyIndexer(vector_dir='vectors', index_dir='indices-eucl', n_dimensions=2048, metric='euclidean'), step_sizes=[10, 1])

These can now be queried with an identifier for a specific image from the set. To retrieve, for example, the 5 nearest neighbors for each decade:

indexer.query_all('KBNRC01:000028496:mpeg21:a0065', n_nns=[5])


Running starts a Bottle web application that accepts parameters:

  • urn the identifier of the query image
  • nns the number of nearest neighbors to be returned
  • step the time scale for the query specified as number of years
  • vectors whether or not the vectors of the images should be included in the response

Online demo

More information

For more information, instructions and examples, see