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Miner Control
-I tried out NiceHash-control when it was first released, but I was too busy hunting real coins myself. Now that mining profits are lower than they used to be, I became "lazy" and got hooked by Miner Control (again).
-But the not-lazy part in me wanted more. StuffOfInterest already provided a great tool, and an even greater codebase for me to play with.
-Most of my additions hook seamlessly into his code. One can keep on using their old .conf files without any problems, but they'll miss out on a few handy features.
-The following text is made originally by StuffOfInterest in the original BitcoinTalk ANN thread. I just edited a few things here and there.
-Original ANN thread can be found here:
Here is a quick list of features:
- Supports multiple services which provide an API for pricing and payout in Bitcoin (more may be added if they are compatible).
- - NiceHash
- - WestHash
+ - NiceHash & Westhash
- <del>TradeMyBit</del>
+ - <del>YAAMP</del>
+ - Any pool using YAAMP's source and the EXACT same api, aka YAAMP clones
- <del>WafflePool</del>
- LTCRabbit
- WePayBTC
- - Hamsterpool
+ - <del>Hamsterpool</del>
- API call once per minute to each service to get the current prices.
- Manual configurations for last resort backup pool.
- Failover support when miner exits abnormally (such as when pool is down).
@@ -45,7 +35,7 @@ Display details:
- Actions
- Auto - Put miner in automatic mode for switching between algorithms.
- Stop - Stop running miner.
- - <i>KBomba-Mod</i>
+ - <i>Mod</i>
- Reload - Reloads the .conf if changes have been made. Will resume the tasks it was doing.
- Times
- Running - How much total mining time has happened since the application started.
@@ -80,7 +70,7 @@ Display details:
- Running - Currently running entry.
- Pending - Entry that will start once switch time has been met.
- Dead - Miner exited abnormally and hasn't reached its dead time threshold yet.
- - <i>KBomba-Mod</i>
+ - <i>Mod</i>
- Too low - Entry is below the minimum price.
- Banned - Pool is manually banned.
- Outlier - Entry has a spike in profitability, mostly not worth it to switch to because of its temporary nature. Can be ignored.
@@ -107,7 +97,7 @@ Legend:
- donationfrequency - How often, in minutes, to do donation mining (default 240, or 4 hours)
- remotesend - Send console output to remote receiver (default false)
- remotereceive - Receive console output from remote senders (default false)
- - <i>KBomba-Mod</i>
+ - <i>Mod</i>
- dynamicswitching - True or false, when set to true, it will decrease "switchtime" the higher the best price over the current price gets (default false)
- dynamicswitchpower, dynamicswitchpivot, dynamicswitchoffset - Variables for the dynamic switching formula (default 2, 1.05, none):
@@ -129,7 +119,7 @@ Legend:
- hashrate - Your hashrate in kHash/sec
- power - Watts your GPU pulls when mining an algorithm
- aparam1, aparam2, aparam3 - algorithm based substitution value for use in folder, command, and arguments
- - <i>KBomba-Mod</i>
+ - <i>Mod</i>
- priority - CPU priority to give to your miners, defaults to "Normal", other possible values are "Idle", "BelowNormal", "AboveNormal", "High" & "RealTime".
- affinity - Hex mask (like in start /affinity) to set the process affinity, you can use 1 for first core, 2 for second core, 4 for third core, etc
- nicehash - Config section for NiceHash, omit to not use this service
@@ -143,26 +133,21 @@ Legend:
- command - Command to execute
- arguments - Arguments to include with the command
- usewindow - Run miner in separate window from controller (default false)
- - <i>KBomba-Mod</i>
+ - <i>Mod</i>
- minprofit - The price of the best entry will be kept pending if its profit divided by the currently running profit, is less than the ratio set here. Will use the value at general settings if it's higher or the current running and best pool are the same. Does nothing if not set.
- - detectstratum - Nicehash/Westhash exclusive! True or false, will ping to the endpoints of Nicehash/Westhash datacenters to determine which one is preferable. Doesn't switch while mining, only picks the best at startup, which simplifies a config (default false)
-- westhash - Config section for WestHash, omit to not use this service
- - (settings are the same as nicehash)
-- yaamp - Config section for YAAMP, omit to not use this service
+ - detectstratum - Nicehash/Westhash exclusive! True or false, will ping to the endpoints of Nicehash/Westhash datacenters to determine which one is preferable. Checks every 6 hour for the best service to use.
+- yaampclones - Config section for YAAMP, omit to not use this service, use whatever name you want, but if the url-param is not used, make sure to name it like the URL
- (settings are the same as nicehash, except for detectstratum)
- pricemode - 0 = current estimate, 1 = 24hr estimate, 2 = 24hr actual
- - <i>KBomba-Mod</i>
+ - <i>Mod</i>
- balancemode - 0 = all unpaid, 1= sold on markets but unpaid, 2 = all unsolds, 3 = all paid ever, 4 = all paid, sold and unconfirmed.
+ - url - if you want to use a different name than the URL for your yaampclone is, use this param for the correct URL (not required)
- ltcrabbit - Config section for LTCRabbit, omit to not use this service
- (settings are the same as nicehash, except for detectstratum)
- apikey - your API key to use in gathering prices
- wepaybtc - Config section for WePayBTC, omit to not use this service
- settings are the same as nicehash, except for detectstratum)
-- hamsterpool - Config section for HamsterPool, omit to not use this service
- - (settings are the same as nicehash, except for detectstratum)
- - apikey - your API key to use in gathering prices
- - donation - percentage to donate back to HamsterPool
-- manual - Config section for manual miners, omit to not use this service
+- manual - Config section for manual miners, omit to not use this service, possible to use "manual1", "manual2", etc for different manual entries
- (settings are the same as nicehash, except for detectstratum)
- price - price to use for calculating earnings
- fee - percentage fee to deduct from price
@@ -183,7 +168,7 @@ Substitution identifiers for command, folder, and argument parameters:
Download into a folder on your Windows computer
- Make sure .NET Framework 4.0 is installed
+ Make sure .NET Framework 4.5 is installed
Modify MinerControl.conf with the settings for your own mining applications
Start MinerControl.exe
Click "Start" for each miner to confirm it launches and does not require confirmation each time it is opened
@@ -207,41 +192,7 @@ Q & A:
A: Most likely there is an error in the config file. Miner Control is sensitive to the formatting of this file and will crash badly if there is an error. Make sure your "key":"value" pairs are all correctly named and that any path backslashes are created as double-backslash ("\\"). Consider using a validator just as JSON Lint to verify your config file structure.
Q: Will Miner Control work on Windows XP?
- A: Yes, just make sure you have .NET Framework 4.0 installed.
+ A: Not anymore since the switch to .NET 4.5. One can still use an older version of MC.
Q: What does donation mining do?
A: Donation mining will mine to the MinerControl author's address or account for a percentage of time. Default setting is for 2% of the time over four hours which works out to just under five minutes spent donation mining every four hours. If the percentage is set to 0 then no donation mining will occur.
-Release history by KBomba:
-Release history:
- 29-December-2014: Version 1.6.1 - Option to selection price type for YAAMP (current est, 24hr est, or 24hr actual).
- 15-December-2014: Version 1.6.0 - Configure new algorithms, including API identifiers, via the conf file.
- 9-December-2014: Version 1.5.6 - Add support for HamsterPool.
- 21-November-2014: Version 1.5.5 - Add support for WePayBTC.
- 13-November-2014: Version 1.5.4 - Option to minimize application on startup.
- 6-November-2014: Version 1.5.3 - NeoScrypt support for NiceHash, WestHash, and TradeMyBit.
- 30-October-2014: Version 1.5.2 - Fix for Windows XP multicast sender.
- 30-October-2014: Version 1.5.1 - Move to different multicast address.
- 29-October-2014: Version 1.5.0 - Send console output to a remote receiver, display console output from remote senders.
- 26-October-2014: Version 1.4.5 - Bug fix for freeze when invalid miner program specified in the config file.
- 25-October-2014: Version 1.4.4 - Bug fixes and examples in config file.
- 21-October-2014: Version 1.4.3 - Algorithm level substitutions.
- 20-October-2014: Version 1.4.2 - Add support for LTCRabbit.
- 19-October-2014: Version 1.4.1 - Fix for issue launching cudaminer for display in console.
- 18-October-2014: Version 1.4.0 - Run miner inside of program, no separate window anymore.
- 17-October-2014: Version 1.3.1 - Add activity log.
- 8-October-2014: Version 1.3.0 - Download exchange rate for local currency.
- 7-October-2014: Version 1.2.1 - Fix service level running time display.
- 6-October-2014: Version 1.2.1 - Add WafflePool.
- 5-October-2014: Version 1.2.0 - Add donation mining.
- 29-September-2014: Version 1.1.2 - Add minimize to tray modes in config file and more grid sorting UI improvement.
- 25-September-2014: Version 1.1.1 - Hopefully fix a stack overflow bug related to price sorting.
- 23-September-2014: Version 1.1.0 - Top level service summary and more config options.
- 14-September-2014: Version 1.0.3 - Option to create 'error.log' file when exceptions occur in the controlller.
- 5-September-2014: Version 1.0.2 - Fix TradeMyBit parsing error.
- 4-September-2014: Version 1.0.1 - Fix autostart bug and do price loads asynchronously.
- 4-September-2014: Version 1.0.0 of Miner Control.
- 13-July-2014: Version 1.1.1 (final release) of NiceHash Control.
- 16-June-2014: Version 1.0.0 of NiceHash Control.

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