MinerControl 1.6.4 (KBomba Mod)

@KBomba KBomba released this Mar 4, 2015 · 40 commits to master since this release

  • Added "delay" under general in .conf, time in seconds between a stop and a start of the miner to avoid quick switching. Some miners don't like that.
  • Added "exittime" under general to shutdown Miner Control after X minutes.
  • Added "minprice" under general, a minimum price before it even starts mining. Can be set in BTC or fiat prices.
  • Added "detectstratum" under Nicehash/Westhash that will auto-detect if either Nicehash or Westhash is the best frontend for you.
  • Added history collection
  • Added "minebyaverage" and "ignoreoutliers" under general, more info in the readme.
  • General bugfixes.