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OpenSource Content Encryption & Decryption System - aimed to be a better successor to PowerVu and Common-Scrambling-Algorithm - based systems


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A versatile high-bandwith encryption system


Aimed to be a better alternative to DVB's Common Scrambling Algorithm.

It is NOT compatible with the CI and CA standards!

Design Goals

Be a viable alternative for cross-media transfers

  • High-Bandwith Downloads and even Uploads can be facilitated via existing or off-the-shelf Satcom Equipment like BUCs and LNBs.
    • This is a relatively stealthy approach to transmitting or at the very least recieving large amounts of data independent from ground infrastructure.
  • It also allows for mixed setups where only a narrowband uplink is available.
In the end, it should be able to facilitate mono- and bidirectional transfers of data as well as communications.

Be a better Video Conferencing solution

Espechally Compared to Commercial Off-The-Shelf Solutions like Cisco WebEx

Most Videoconferencing usually rely on a stable broadband internet connection and either publicly accessible Servers or a Stable VPN connection to the datacenter where these are hosted.

Be unobtrusive

Discrete Device Design

Be as secure as possible

Highest Security Encryption feasible



  • Most notably for using 8VSB as modulation system.

  • As an EBU Standard (TECH-3292) that provides an easy way to setup scrambled SNG feeds.


  • For it's per-device encryption keys.

Two-Way Satellite Internet using DVB-RCS.

  • Using Eutelsat's Satellites for Ku-Band two-way satellite internet as well as
  • ViaSat KA-SAT on Ka-Band which utilizes 82 different spotbeams with 237 MHz wide transponders, allowing for 475 Mbit/s per spotbeam and due to frequency reuseage, up to 90 Gbit/s of total aggregated bandwith.
    • It uses a modified implementation of DOCSIS to facilitate the control and bandwith allocations for each CPE.
      • Basically acting like Cable Internet over satellite - abeit with high pings due to being hosted on a GSO.


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