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KC3改 is a feature-rich Chrome extension that helps you play Kantai Collection, and view/analyze information not displayed in-game.

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Why choose KC3改?

  • SAFE. Made with your account safety in mind by people studying game code since the game's early days.

  • POPULAR. Used in more than 1 million sessions per month, by 89 thousand users in January 2017. Weekly users reach more than 59 thousand based on Webstore statistics.

  • ALWAYS UPDATED. With an active team of developers, testers and translators, usual release with new features and enhancements is every week, with minor update/patches in between those days.

  • SUPPORT CHANNELS. In any problem, question, comment or suggestion you have, we are easily reachable in the right medium. We recommend getting in touch through either our Discord server or Facebook page.

  • GOOD FUTURE ROADMAP. We regularly think of, and receive ideas, suggestions. We are excited about many of these and are determined to implement more amazing things than what we have now.

Disadvantages and their solutions

I don't want to play in a Chrome tab

  • You can add KC3改 to your desktop or taskbar and play outside of a Chrome tab. See screenshot here on how it looks like. To do this, follow the instructions below:
    • Click on your preferred play method from gold heart menu
    • While in the KC3改 tab, the page with instructions...
    • Click Chrome menu ( the one that looks like 3 dots on top-right of Chrome)
    • More tools > opens submenu
    • Click on Add to desktop...
    • Make sure, Opens as new window is checked, then confirm
    • Find the shortcut on your desktop, double-click it
    • (Optional) Drag to taskbar to pin it to taskbar as well

Chrome is slow

  • If you haven't tried the recent Chrome releases, they are becoming faster/efficient bit by bit every version.
  • Some people use other Chromium-based browsers to install KC3改. These include the original Chromium, Coc Coc, Opera, YaBrowser.

I don't like KC3改's interface

  • It is no secret that there are some people who think KC3改's interface is, ugly, we always try to make things customizable. Since then we have added many confguraton options including:
    • Ability to set background image around the game screen
    • Ability to set background image in information panel
    • Ability to set panel background opacity
    • Added themes to Strategy Room (dark theme)
  • Furthermore, we have more amazing things planned for the future such as the ability to fully customize your layout via drag-drop information boxes, color pickers, etc.


We can't possibly list all our features here. We recommend adding it to your chrome instead and try it yourself, but we can highlight a few useful things that might catch your attention:

  • Automatic Region Cookies
  • Subtitles when shipgirls speak (customizable layout)
  • Quest translations overlayed in front of game screen
  • Leveling tracker, an EXP calculator that remembers your preferences
  • Resource and Consumable Graphs
  • Ledger that records resource and item gains and usage
  • Quest flowchart
  • Sortie and Battle history, recorded down to last data
  • Sortie and Battle REPLAYS. Yes you read that right.
  • Expedition Scorer to calculate best expeditions based on your AFK time
  • Ship stats comparison table and bar graphs
  • Akashi improvement arsenal that shows based on your ships and items
  • and much much more...


For Players

Please visit the in-app Help section, or the Usage Documentation repository (under construction).

For Developers

Please visit the GitHub wiki for Development Documentation (under construction).



We'd love to hear your thoughts about the app, comments and suggestions, join us in a discord channel.

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