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$body_class = "no-sidebar"; // This page does not have a sidebar
require 'php_header.php'; // Require the PHP header housing required PHP functions
require 'html_header.php'; // Require the HTML header housing the HTML structure of the page
<!-- Main -->
<div class="wrapper">
<div class="container" id="main">
<!-- Content -->
<article id="content">
<h2>Everything you <strong>need to know</strong> about your database.</h2>
<p>Below you will find a summary of your database including the number of variants in various categories of effect. Rare variants are defined as occurring at a frequency of less than 1% in ExAC, ESP and 1000 Genomes. All variant counts are of VCF QC-passed variants except the "Total Variants" count.</p>
// Check whether the user is in the group specified
$user_in_group = is_user_in_group($_SESSION["logged_in"]["email"], $_GET["group"]);
if (!isset($_GET["query_db"], $_GET["group"])) {
error("You must specify a group and database to view summary information for.");
} elseif ($user_in_group !== true) {
error("You do not have access to the group specified.");
} else {
// Make sure the summary files exist for the database specified
if (!file_exists($GLOBALS["configuration_file"]["gemini"]["db_dir"]."/".$_GET["group"]."/".$_GET["query_db"].".all_variants.summary") || !file_exists($GLOBALS["configuration_file"]["gemini"]["db_dir"]."/".$_GET["group"]."/".$_GET["query_db"].".rare_variants.summary")) {
error("The database you specified does not have summary information generated for it.");
} else {
echo "<h2>Database:</h2>";
print $_GET["query_db"];
echo "<br><br>";
echo "<h2>Database variants summary:</h2>";
if (!database_summary_table($_GET["group"], $_GET["query_db"])) {
error("Could not create database summary table.");
echo "<br><a href=\"databases\" class=\"button\">Back to databases</a><br>";
require 'html_footer.php';