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ROSPlan Framework

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The main ROSPlan website and documentation is available here.

The ROSPlan framework provides a generic method for task planning in a ROS system. ROSPlan encapsulates both planning and dispatch. It provides with a simple interface, and already includes interfaces to common ROS libraries.

ROSPlan Demos:

Several demos are available in the rosplan_demos repository. More will be added over time.


ROSPlan supports kinetic and melodic ROS distributions and is developed under Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04, being linux Ubuntu 18.04 + melodic the recommended setup.

Install dependencies:

sudo apt install flex bison freeglut3-dev libbdd-dev python-catkin-tools ros-$ROS_DISTRO-tf2-bullet

Select or create a catkin workspace:

mkdir -p ROSPlan/src
cd ROSPlan/

Get the code:

cd src/
git clone

Compile everything:

catkin build

Running a demo with the turtlebot 2, using Gazebo simulator (kinetic only)

This demo has been migrated to a separate repo, please follow up this link: rosplan_demos

Using ROSPlan's docker image

Get your docker image from the Docker Hub:

docker pull kclplanning/rosplan

Run an interactive bash shell inside the docker, ready to run ROSPlan:

docker run -it --rm kclplanning/rosplan bash


There is a newly developed interface to interact with ROSPlan's Knowledge Base. It was built by Eden Jia, using tkinter in Python. You can find it and use it here.

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