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ROSPlan Framework

The ROSPlan Framework (Cashmore et al. 2015) provides a generic method for task planning in a ROS system. ROSPlan links two standards -- PDDL2.1 and ROS -- encapsulating both planning and dispatch. It possesses a simple interface, and some components to communicate with standard ROS libraries.

New components can be designed to utilize task planning features in a ROS system. By default, ROSPlan includes a roadmap generation component (rosplan_interface_mapping), and a simple PDDL-to-ROS action component (rosplan_interface_movebase).

Task planning is concerned with sequencing applicable actions in order to achieve achieve a goal, while minimizing resources. Domain and problem files are written in a standard temporal/numeric planning language: PDDL 2.1. ROSPlan currently uses a temporal/numeric planner, POPF, to automate planning in ROS; however, any other planner that can reason with PDDL 2.1 language can be used.

The documentation of ROSPlan, user guides, and demos are available on the main website: http://kcl-planning.github.io/ROSPlan

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