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The plan validation system.
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Build Status

This repository hosts tools for AI Planning plans and planning models.

If all you need is binaries, click the Azure Pipeline link above, open the latest green build navigate to the Summary tab and then download the artifact for your operating system. Binaries are available for Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Please report problems and feature requests


  • Maria Fox and Derek Long - PDDL2.2 and VAL
  • Richard Howey - PDDL2.2 and VAL and Continuous Effects, derived predicates, timed initial literals and LaTeX report in VAL
  • Stephen Cresswell - PDDL2.2 Parser




How to compile VAL




  • Requirements:

    • Xcode packages: cmake make g++ gcc flex bison
    • Note: easier to simply install Xcode in its entirety; necessary packages automatically downloaded
  • IDE:

  • Scripts

    • Note: all called (internally as well) build and clean scripts must be run through dos2unix

    • (scripts/ script for native macOS build

      • Binaries can be found in build/macos64/Release/bin
    • (scripts/ script for cleaning out built binaries

    • (scripts/linux/ build script to generate flex and bison header/implementation files from libraries/VAL/src/Parser/pddl+.l and libraries/VAL/src/Parser/pddl+.y

    • Note: flex on macOS currently causing compatibility issues

      • Do not run
      • Use current Windows-generated flex header file at [libraries/VAL/src/Parser/pddl+.lex.yy.h]
    • Note: bison on macOS running well

      • Edit YACC file at [libraries/VAL/src/Parser/pddl+.y] as needed
      • Run bison command from script (bison pddl+.y -o pddl+.cpp) directly through terminal

How to contribute to VAL

Please submit any defects as Issues via GitHub. If you are missing a feature, report it as an issue, but tag it as [feature] please.

We appreciate community contributions to this open sourced code repository. By submitting a pull request you certify that the contribution is your original work, you ensure the contribution is compatible with this repository license terms, and you agree (including on behalf of your employer, if applicable) that the community is free to use your contributions.

If you have a summer intern or a post-doc student and need a project for a few weeks or months, pick from the backlog of Issues, or just address the numerous c++ build warnings and help us modernize the codebase.

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