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No Sleep workaround for new "Version 5" radios

Bypass sleep mode for hrc5000 chip to keep radio from going silent after
5 seconds of inactivity.   Uses about 60 milliamps more with the new
tweak  "nosleep.enable" but allows radio to be used with Toolkit
firmware.  Temporary until correct mapping can be determined to wake the
chip back up with RF activity.
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KD4Z committed Oct 16, 2018
1 parent 3e6487b commit feeb33d7212248bbc43b237410ce53faa3be592a
Showing with 141 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +10 −1 init
  2. +2 −2 menuopts
  3. +16 −0 root/exec.nosleep.patch
  4. +106 −0 root/kd4z.nosleep.patch
  5. +7 −0 tweakopts
11 init
@@ -95,7 +95,16 @@ if [ -f ~/md380tools-vm/root/exec.patch ]; then
rm ~/md380tools-vm/root/exec.patch

if [ -f ~/md380tools-vm/root/exec.nosleep.patch ] && [ -f ~/nosleep.enable ]; then
chmod +x ~/md380tools-vm/root/exec.nosleep.patch
rm ~/md380tools-vm/root/exec.nosleep.patch
echo -e "${RED}Adding workaround for version 5 hardware."
echo -e "${RED}This will bypass some battery saver features"
echo -e "${RED}so expect slightly less battery life."
echo -e "${YELLOW}rm ~/nosleep.enable ${RED}to disable this workaround for next glv.${NC}"
sleep 8
# for flashdb progress until merged upstream
if [ -f ~/md380tools-vm/root/ ]; then
cp ~/md380tools-vm/root/ ~/md380tools/
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
# KD4Z
# Version: 4.49
# Version: 4.50
# main menu

if [ ! -f /etc/ ]; then
. ~/md380tools-vm/root/.bash_aliases
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@


pushd ~/md380tools

patch -p4 < $PATCHFQN


@@ -0,0 +1,106 @@
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: addl_config.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: addl_config.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: aes.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: ambe.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: ambe.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: amenu_channels.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: amenu_channels.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: amenu_codeplug.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: amenu_codeplug.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: amenu_hexmon.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: amenu_hexmon.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: amenu_set_tg.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: amenu_set_tg.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: amenu_utils.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: app_menu.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: app_menu.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: beep.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: beep.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: codeplug.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/:
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: color_picker.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: console.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: console.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: debug.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: debug.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: dispflip.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: dispinit.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: display.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: display.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: dmesg.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: dmesg.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: dmr.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: dmr.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: etsi.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: etsi.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: font_8_8.bmp
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: font_8_8.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: gfx.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: gfx.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: gps.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: i2c.c
diff -rBu4 /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/irq_handlers.c /home/tyt/src/md380tools/applet/src/irq_handlers.c
--- /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/irq_handlers.c 2018-10-15 21:01:47.794184051 -0400
+++ /home/tyt/src/md380tools/applet/src/irq_handlers.c 2018-10-15 21:00:11.000000000 -0400
@@ -1508,9 +1508,13 @@
+// kd4z nosleep hack for version 5 hardware until unsleep can be hooked
+if ( *((uint16_t*)MD380_ADDR_DMR_POWER_SAVE_COUNTDOWN) < 20 )
+ *((uint16_t*)MD380_ADDR_DMR_POWER_SAVE_COUNTDOWN) |= 0x80 + 0x40;
if( boot_flags & BOOT_FLAG_OPEN_FOR_BUSINESS )
{ // 2017-05-14 : Removed the brightness 'ramp-up' test.
// The 9 intensity levels can now be tested in app_menu.c in inc/dec edit mode.
# if( CONFIG_DIMMED_LIGHT ) // Support dimmed backlight ?
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: irq_handlers.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: keyb.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: keyb.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: lastheard.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: lastheard.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: lcd_driver.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: lcd_driver.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: main.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: mbox.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: mbox.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: md380.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: menu.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: menu.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: narrator.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: narrator.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: netmon.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: netmon.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: os.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: os.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: printf.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: printf.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: radio_config.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: radiostate.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: radiostate.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: rtc_timer.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: sms.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: sms.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: spiflash.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: spiflash.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: stm32f4xx_it.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: symbols_d02.032
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: symbols_d13.020
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: symbols_s13.020
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: syslog.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: syslog.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: system_hrc5000.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: system_hrc5000.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: system_stm32f4xx.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: timer.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: timer.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: tooldfu.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: unclear.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: usb.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: usersdb.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: usersdb.h
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: util.c
Only in /home/tyt/md380tools/applet/src/: util.h
@@ -101,6 +101,13 @@ if [ -f ~/ ]; then
echo -e ""
echo -e -n " ${BLUE}~/nosleep.enable${NC} ${ZCOM42} Workaround #1 for new Version 5 radios that go silent"
if [ -f ~/nosleep.enable ]; then
echo -e "${RED} *${NC}"
echo -e ""

echo -e ""
echo -e -n " ${YELLOW}menu${NC} -- Back to main menu "
if [ -f /etc/ ]; then

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