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###Running Installations
OH2CH - Finland

W8FSM - Fenton, MI

###Installation Examples / Demos KB9MWR Video

W8FSM Rasberry Pi Video

KD8EYF Video

KD8EYF Beagle Bone Control Station

##2015-03-05 Updates Created SMS send function. Created NOAA message function. By Wodie XE1SWL.

##2013-04-14 Updates Created 'updates' branch with following updates. Will test and merge to master. Thanks to anonymous (non-working - still branched)

  • fix tx msg charset encode
  • can send group message
  • fix gps negative lat lon, maybe work evrywhere now
  • allow configure station symbol for every station
  • reverse GeoCode address with "Who callsign" command
  • send msgs given in files by other program
  • less extra channel loading, do set ars_ping_interval to 0

##Install Instructions
Assumes a Clean install of Debian Squeeze / Wheezy

Update system and install prereqs (as root)

apt-get update  
apt-get install build-essential openssh-server git libyaml-tiny-perl libdate-calc-perl libjson-perl  libtest-pod-coverage-perl  

Download and install the Ham APRS module

mkdir ~/src  
cd ~/src  
tar -zxvf ./Ham-APRS-FAP-1.18.tar.gz  
cd Ham-APRS-FAP-1.18  
perl Makefile.PL  
sudo make install 
cd ..  

Install the TRBO-NET arsed program

git clone  
cd TRBO-NET/  
perl Makefile.PL  
sudo make install  

Install CPAN libraries Used to access the Google gecoding API:

perl -MCPAN -eshell
install Bundle::LWP

For Underground weather:

sudo cpan Weather::Underground

For e-mail sending:

sudo cpan -fi Email::Send::SMTP::Gmail

Edit the config file by hand to include the DMR radio users you want to listen for.
the mi5 network config is include as an example of what we did in michigan:

cp configs/arsed.mi5.conf /etc/arsed.conf  
vi /etc/arsed.mi5.conf  

Reccommend static networking config in /etc/network/interfaces
Assuming Radio IP of and PC ip of 192.168.10.

    auto-hotplug usb0
    iface usb0 inet static
        up route add -net gw
        down route del -net gw


To start automatically at system boot add /usr/local/bin/arsed to /etc/rc.local

vi /etc/rc.local

Install Apache webserver

apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-php5  
cp ~/src/TRBO-NET/web/* /var/www/  

connect turbo radio to Linux box using USB
Device should enumerate and automatically create a network interface. If not check kernel support

###How To Use

  • send text message to gateway radio's ID: it has 'who' command to list registered radios ('w' for short).
  • send 'aprs ' to send text message to APRS-IS

once radio starts sending positions, they will be sent to the APRS-IS too !

View the WebStatus

  • http:/[IP ADDRESS OF SERVER]/state.php

##Support Please Feel free to email me, i will be more then happy to help get your installation configured.