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#ifndef CHARM_VIEW_H
#define CHARM_VIEW_H
#include <QWidget>
#include <QAction>
#include <Core/Event.h>
#include <Core/State.h>
#include <Core/CommandEmitterInterface.h>
#include "ViewModeInterface.h"
class QMenu;
class QItemSelection;
class QModelIndex;
class TasksViewDelegate;
class StatusBarWidget;
class QToolBar;
class QToolButton;
class QButton;
class QTreeView;
class TasksView : public QWidget,
public ViewModeInterface,
public CommandEmitterInterface
explicit TasksView ( QToolBar* toolBar, QWidget* parent = 0 );
// implement ViewModeInterface:
void stateChanged( State previous );
void configurationChanged();
void setModel( ModelConnector* );
static QFont configuredFont();
void populateEditMenu( QMenu* );
public Q_SLOTS:
/* reimpl */ void commitCommand( CharmCommand* );
// FIXME connect to MainWindow
void saveConfiguration();
void emitCommand( CharmCommand* );
void emitCommandRollback( CharmCommand* );
private slots:
void actionNewTask();
void actionNewSubTask();
void actionEditTask();
void actionDeleteTask();
void slotFiltertextChanged( const QString& filtertext );
void taskPrefilteringChanged();
void slotContextMenuRequested( const QPoint& );
void slotEventActivated( EventId );
void slotEventDeactivated( EventId );
// this method is called everytime the UI actions need update, for
// example when the current index changes:
void configureUi();
void restoreGuiState();
void saveGuiState();
// helper to retrieve selected task:
Task selectedTask();
void addTaskHelper( const Task& parent );
TasksViewDelegate* m_delegate;
QAction m_actionNewTask;
QAction m_actionNewSubTask;
QAction m_actionEditTask;
QAction m_actionDeleteTask;
QAction m_actionExpandTree;
QAction m_actionCollapseTree;
StatusBarWidget* m_statusBarWidget;
QButton* m_showCurrentOnly;
QButton* m_showSubscribedOnly;
QTreeView* m_treeView;
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