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#include <QSortFilterProxyModel>
#include "Core/Configuration.h"
#include "TaskModelAdapter.h"
#include "Core/TaskModelInterface.h"
#include "Core/CommandEmitterInterface.h"
class QTreeView;
template <typename K, typename V> class QMap;
class CharmDataModel;
class CharmCommand;
namespace Charm {
//helper functions for saving and restoring expansion states when filtering
void saveExpandStates( QTreeView* tv, QHash<TaskId,bool>* map );
void restoreExpandStates( QTreeView* tv, QHash<TaskId,bool>* map );
// ViewFilter is implemented as a decorator to avoid accidental direct
// access to the task model with indexes of the proxy
class ViewFilter : public QSortFilterProxyModel,
public TaskModelInterface,
public CommandEmitterInterface
explicit ViewFilter( CharmDataModel*, QObject* parent = 0 );
virtual ~ViewFilter();
// implement TaskModelInterface
Task taskForIndex( const QModelIndex& ) const;
QModelIndex indexForTaskId( TaskId ) const;
bool taskIsActive( const Task& task ) const;
bool taskHasChildren( const Task& task ) const;
// filter for subscriptions:
void prefilteringModeChanged();
bool taskIdExists( TaskId taskId ) const;
void commitCommand( CharmCommand* );
bool filterAcceptsColumn( int source_column, const QModelIndex& source_parent ) const;
bool filterAcceptsRow( int row, const QModelIndex& parent ) const;
void eventActivationNotice( EventId id );
void eventDeactivationNotice( EventId id );
TaskModelAdapter m_model;
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