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GammaRay Example Plug-ins

What's this?

This repository contains a few examples on how to develop plug-ins for the Qt introspection tool GammaRay (http://www.kdab.com/gammaray/).

These plug-ins are meant for development and demonstration purpose only, none of them provide any actual useful functionality.

This repository is also used to test if the development files installed by GammaRay are actually correct and complete to develop self-contained plug-ins.


LCD Widget Inspector

Lists all QLCDNumber instances in an application and allows you to edit their properties.

This shows:

  • Basic plug-in infrastructure
  • Access and filtering of the object list
  • Remote selection handling
  • Integration of the property editor

Since nobody actually uses QLCDNumber, a small test program that does is included.

QtOpenGL Support

Adds support for displaying QtOpenGL data types and non-QObject properties.

This shows:

  • Non-UI plug-ins
  • Custom variant handlers
  • Metatype system for non-QObject properties