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Release Highlights
Version 1.2:
* Published API for writing your own plugin
* New QStyle inspector
* New QAction inspector with shortcut conflict finder
* New QPalette editor
* QWidget paint operation introspection using QPaintBuffer (requires private headers)
Version 1.1:
* Plug-in system for tools
* Graphical state machine viewer
* Object hierarchy visualization plug-in
* New timer profiler plug-in
* New locale inspector plug-in
* New property view/editor for non-QObject types
(e.g. QGraphicsItem and many of its sub-classes)
* New widget export actions (image, PDF, SVG, Designer UI file)
* New launcher UI with support for starting new processes, self-testing,
and a much faster process list on Mac OSX
* Support more types in the property editor
* Improved widget tree model
* Fix unreliable attaching with MSVC
* MingW support
Version 1.0:
* Initial Release
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