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"form-a-form" is an online form generator service that I have open-sourced via GitHub.

The application will create a skeleton HTML/PHP form that you can use as a template, or rather, as a really great start for your own forms.

It will generate the HTML code for the form, as well as the PHP connection query.

"form-a-form" is really meant to just get all the monotonous and boring form tags setup stuff out of the way up front, allowing you to concentrate more on the analytical design concept and form tweaking instead.

Application URLs

Tech Stack

Working on this project provided me a more in-depth look into

  • PHP
  • MySQL (optional)


I created "form-a-form" as an online PHP form generator service in 2005. I used to charge $1.95 for a year's subscription (which was more just so I knew who was accessing it; and I was learning PayPal at the time). I took it down a few years back due to someone doing a chargeback for their $1.95 subscription renewal. But it hit me recently... why not just share it?

So I got the idea to open-source the code on GitHub. And while going back over the code, I went ahead and opened up the 'online' portion of it to the general public as well.

Reminder: "form-a-form" is intended as only a get-you-started application.


form-a-form helps you get your own HTML/PHP form started by asking some boilerplate questions. Although a bit dated (PHP version-wise), a live working version is also available.




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