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Experimental Homebrew (http://brew.sh) tap for KDE Frameworks on macOS.

To add the KDE Frameworks Tap to your homebrew installation:

brew tap kde-mac/kde

In order to build them, you first need to do one manuall step that setup all things in order to work-around brew sandbox limitations

"$(brew --repo)/Library/Taps/kde-mac/homebrew-kde/tools/all-fixes.sh"

Note: It seems that building Qt currently requires the whole Xcode to be installed

Note: Read the D-Bus notes below if this is your first D-Bus installation.

Note: Webkit for Qt is installed by separate package called qt-webkit if you want use kdevelop or kdewebkit

Now, the fun begins. You can either install individual frameworks via

brew install kde-mac/kde/kf5-karchive

or you can install them all with the install.sh shell script provided in the tools directory:

"$(brew --repo)/Library/Taps/kde-mac/homebrew-kde/tools/install.sh"

Note that install.sh passes all parameters on to brew, so you can specify any brew parameter like --verbose also to install.sh


To remove all KDE Frameworks 5 packages, run:

brew uninstall `brew list -1 | grep '^kf5-'`
rm -rf ~/Applications/KDE

Installing HEAD

Currently, installing a formula installs the last released version from tarballs. However, not all frameworks and apps were released as tarballs yet. If you get an error saying is a head-only formula, that formula can only be installed from latest git and not from released packages. This can be done by passing --HEAD as parameter to brew.

Note that installing from latest git usually also means that all dependend packages are expected to come from latest git, so to prevent potential errors, you should uninstall all installed kf5 formulas (see chapter Uninstallation above) and install everything from git, for example by using the install.sh utility:

`brew --prefix`/Homebrew/Library/Taps/KDE-mac/homebrew-kde/tools/install.sh --HEAD

D-Bus first time users

Follow the description in the D-Bus formula to set up the LaunchAgent. You might have to log out and log in again in order to make it work.

To verify D-Bus working with Qt:

`brew --prefix qt`/bin/qdbus

The first command should echo a valid path, e.g. /tmp/launch-NHyucl/unix_domain_listener. The second command should show the available services, at least org.freedesktop.DBus.