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What is this?

Here you can find the recipes to build KDE's flatpak runtime, namely org.kde.Platform and its org.kde.Sdk. It's a set of libraries that should offer a wide range of library to use in Qt applications, be KDE from or not.

You can find the source in here:

Getting to grips

Issues can be reported here:

Here you can find some documentation on how to get the big picture of Flatpak usage in KDE:

There's a different branch for each version of Qt. The KDE Frameworks version updates with it as new stable releases become available.


This can generally be built with flatpak-builder as explained in its documentation. There's a Makefile to make it a bit easier to trigger:

Useful variables

  • ARCH: Should be one of the offered by flatpak --supported-arches. Static qemu builds can be used for cross-compilation. Defaults to flatpak --default-arch
  • INSTALL_SOURCE: Where to get the dependencies from. Defaults to flathub.
  • EXPORT_ARGS: Extra arguments to pass to flatpak-builder.

Useful commands

  • make remotes will add flathub.
  • make check will make sure the json file is valid.
  • make builds the SDK.