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An editor for bibliographies used with LaTeX
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Copyright: 2004-2019 Thomas Fischer <>

Author/Maintainer: Thomas Fischer <>

The program KBibTeX is a bibliography editor by KDE. Its main
purpose is to provide a user-friendly interface to BibTeX files.


Visit  for more information.


KBibTeX makes heavily use of KDE Frameworks 5 and therefore Qt 5.
Furthermore a number of additional dependencies exist to, for
example, parse PDF or XML files.

In detail, the following dependencies exist:

* Compile time
  - Qt 5.6 or later,
    required components Core, Widgets, and Network
  - KDE Frameworks 5.26 or later,
    required components I18n, XmlGui, KIO, IconThemes, ItemViews,
                        Completion, Parts, CoreAddons, Service,
                        DocTools, Wallet, Crash,
    and has helper package: extra-cmake-modules (ECM)
  - libxml2 (any recent version should suffice)
  - libxslt (any recent version should suffice)
  - Poppler 0.32 or later with Qt5 bindings installed
  - QCA 2.0 or later with Qt5 bindings installed
  - ICU (any recent version should suffice),
    required components uc and i18n
  - QtOAuth 2.0 or later (OPTIONAL)

* Runtime
  - BibUtils to import/export various bibliography formats

In case this list is incomplete, wrong, or out-dated, please file
a bug for KBibTeX at
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