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The Oxygen font family. A desktop/gui font family for integrated use with the KDE desktop.
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BUG: 386211

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Subscribers: abetts, #vdg, #plasma, aacid

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Oxygen Font

Oxygen Font is a project to design a desktop/gui font for integrated use with the KDE desktop.

The basic concept for Oxygen Font is to design a clear, legible, sans serif font which would be rendered with Freetype on Linux-based devices. In addition a bold weight, plus regular and bold italics, and a monospace version will be made.


Oxygen is to be constructed closely with the gridfitting aspects of the Freetype engine. The Oxygen fonts will also be autohinted with Werner Lemberg's "ttfautohint" library to further the compatibility with the Freetype engine. The aim of this approach is to produce a family of freetype-specific desktop fonts whose appearance will stay uniform under different screen render settings, unlike more traditionally designed 'screen fonts' that have tended to be designed for best legibility on the Windows GDI render engine.


The Oxygen Fonts are released under either The SIL Open Font License (OFL) version 1.1 or the GNU General Public License version 3 with font exception (GPL+FE).

Copyright 2011-2013 Vernon Adams


'Real world' user testing is vital. If you want to help test the Oxygen Fonts please do so and send feedback.


  • 'in-progress' - warning! font file found here may be 'broken', have errors etc. These are the work-in-progress files. The main work-in-progress Oxygen Fonts are found in 'in-progress/Monospace',

  • 'in-progress/Oxygen-Bold', 'in-progress/Oxygen-Regular', and 'Oxygen-Italic'.

  • 'version-0.2' - second milestone release, Monospace, Regular and Bold only.

  • 'oxygen-fonts' - current release

  • 'Contributions' - important contributions such as Cyrillic characters.

  • 'GWF' - Google webfont versions of Oxygen Fonts (e.g. smaller character sets).

  • 'tools' - extra development files used for metrics, kerning, encoding.

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