A simple rouge-like game in Java, created for a school project.
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The path of Theseus

This is a simple rouge-like game, created in Java with JavaFX as a school project.



Still in active development.


Follow the path of Theseus, the greek hero, who cleared this labyrinth in which your journey begins. Or did he?


The control is very simple, you can move your character with the directional keys to escape the labyrinth and to fight the enemies which you may enounter on your path.


It's a simple game, but yet with many features which you would except from a rouge-like RPG:

  • game:
    • random generated map
    • 1 boss
    • 10 types of monsters
    • 19 types of weapons
    • 8 types of shields
    • 3 main weapon category (slashing, piercing, blunt)
    • 3 shield category (small, medium, tower)
    • proficiency system for better combat experience
    • 3 types of armors
    • perma-death(it's a rouge-like after all)
    • etc.
  • code:
    • JavaFX
    • maven project
    • MVC model
    • test's
    • documentation
    • logging

Installation and usage

Just clone the source, then simply:

$ mvn clean package
$ mvn exec:java


  • write a proper TODO list
  • too many to list them



Free software FTW!