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  • Grouse is a tool that can be used to generate a requirements document when purchasing a Noark 5 system

    Java AGPL-3.0 Updated Jan 24, 2019
  • This is an open source Noark 5v4 core. The core is under development and should be seen as a alpha product until releases closer to 0.6. Please note that this version is 0.0.1-alpha and has been published to just show that the codebase exists and to give you an idea of where the project is going.

    Java AGPL-3.0 Updated Jul 10, 2018
  • Elektronisk arkiv database demo for test av import, eksport og programvare verktøy for validering, generere AIP og ADDML. Database platform MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle.

    XSLT MIT Updated Apr 9, 2018
  • Mottakshåndtering for uttrekk

    PHP 3 MIT Updated Oct 17, 2017
  • KDRS Extraction tools for a PHP - MySQL framwork. Optionally with other database connectors like MSSQL and Oracle. etc.

    MIT Updated Jun 1, 2017
  • XML schemas

    5 Updated Nov 18, 2016
  • Documentation, procedures and testreports for the Noark 5 validation process. This repository documents what is tested and how it is presented in the reports, but is NOT a repository for a validation software itself, only what any softare following this procedure must comply to.

    LGPL-3.0 Updated Aug 17, 2016
  • C# Updated Jan 25, 2016
  • Extracts data from database-tables transformed into the Noark 4 structure as xml-files.

    PHP 2 BSD-3-Clause Updated Dec 4, 2015
  • This code provides the basic ability to check a Noark 5 v3.1 extraction. Code is built so that it should be possible to add functionality for a later version of Noark 5 say v3.2 or v4

    PHP 1 4 LGPL-3.0 Updated Oct 13, 2015
  • Simpe REST/JSON based module that can be used to build a viewer for a Noark 5 database

    Java 1 1 BSD-3-Clause Updated Sep 7, 2015
  • Analyse xml-file or set of files in directory (optional sub-directories) with set of elements and attributes. Includes validatoion of xml-files.

    PHP 2 LGPL-3.0 Updated Jun 17, 2015
  • General purpose PHP framework with standard generic functionality for PHP-parameters, INI-setup, XML-setup, log-file, error-file, source-file, transform-implementation section and target-file.

    BSD-2-Clause Updated May 21, 2015
  • Excel og csv avleveringsliste for migrering og import av arkiv-informasjon med serie, stykke og mappe.

    LGPL-2.1 Updated May 4, 2015
  • Java 1 BSD-2-Clause Updated Feb 13, 2015
  • KDRS toolbox for handling systems and databases to extract, import, transform and export data.

    1 BSD-3-Clause Updated Feb 12, 2015
  • Archival Data Description Markup Language (ADDML) open source utility for validating text-files (xml, delimited, fixed length).

    MIT Updated Dec 18, 2014
  • Exports data from your Lotus Notes 6.5 (5.x/6.x) in a quick, easy and generic way.

    3 Apache-2.0 Updated Dec 11, 2014
  • C# Updated Aug 22, 2014

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