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Manage music, playlists, broadcast schedules, and more.

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Radio Library
Version 0.8

Radio Library is a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) application designed to manage a physical music collection, radio show playlists, and other features needed by radio stations. It was originally developed for KDVS 90.3fm in Davis, California and open sourced in December 2012.

The initial release is marked as "version 0.8" as the application is very feature complete but may still be rooted in the needs of KDVS - efforts need to be made to modernize and genericize the application.

This application is available under the MIT license.

Please contribute patches and report issues at

Note that this application contains other projects (such as the Zend Framework and phpThumb) which are covered
under separate licenses. Please refer to their included documentation for that information.

This application has been tested under CentOS 5.8 with PHP 5.1 and MySQL 5.0.

Standard LAMP installation should be applied. Copy the application into a directory such as /var/www/html/ and configure Apache to AllowOverride (or move the contents of every .htaccess into your Apache config).

You will need to manual initialize the database with the script included in db/. By default a user named 'admin' with password 'admin' will exist. You must change this password before deploying your site to the public.

- Christopher Thielen (cthielen at gmail com)

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