Exploring the universal nature of JavaScript in this programming test showing command-line, server-side, and static client-side implementations. Having fun!
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JavaScript is a Universal Language

When it comes to web development JavaScript is everywhere you need it to be:

  • On the front-end browser for user interactions
  • On the back-end server for responding to data requests
  • On the command-line for automating tasks

This article is dedicated to showing you around JavaScript. If you’re new to the language you’ll surely gain inspiration for why you want to learn it and how you can apply it. Veteran coders will likely pick up one or two techniques by the end of this article.

Accompanying Article

Find the companion article on my blog.

It offers commentary on the individual files as I walk through how to use them, and why some of the code is signifncant.

Running the Programs


Open client\index.html in a web browser. Type a number into the entry-field and press the button. You'll see FizzBuzz output.

Open the browser developer tools and the console. Access the logic directly by calling the function entering CalculateFizzBuzz(41)


Open a Terminal window, change into the repo folder server and run it entering the command node app.js to launch it. Open a web browser and hit it like this seeing its default FizzBuzz output.

Try it again giving the URL a number on its route to exercise logic in additional ways. For example seeing how the behavior changes.


Open a Terminal window, change into the repo folder command_line and run it entering the command node fizzbuzz.js 42 to see the logic print out results given an argument.

Run it again node fizzbuzz.js config.json seeing the logic print our results given a configuration file formatted in JSON.

In both ocassions an output is written called fizz_buzz_results.json containing all results from the fizzbuzz calculations.

Further Info

Please share this repo and the accompanying article with those who will benefit.