Example showing a NodeJS CLI tool pushing files up to an S3 bucket as a simple webapp static file deployer.
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#S3DeployJS ##NodeJS Tool Deploying Files to AWS S3

This project is all about showing a NodeJS command-line tool pushing files up to an S3 bucket.

Why does it look like there's a website here? It's a simple one I made serving as sample files showing at least what this file upload tool can do deploying a typical website to Amazon S3. These are the types of static resources best served from their service.

Automating deployments is always a good thing. Reducing friction makes a process more fun, people are more willing to do it, and shiping working code to users is a blast!

##Accompanying Article For lots more details and analysis read the accompanying technical article


  • "git clone" the repo of course
  • "npm install" to bring down dependency packages
  • edit the AwsConfig.json file replacing these placeholder values with your proper AWS credentials:
  "accessKeyId": "XXXXXXX",
  "secretAccessKey": "YYYYYYYY",
  "region": "us-east-1"
  • Edit S3Deploy.js changing line #2 with your own bucket name avoiding conflict with any existing ones
var BUCKET_NAME = 's3deploy.example';

##Command-line Params Run this from a Terminal command line, naturally.

node S3Deploy.js [param]
  • audio folderName
  • code
  • createBucket
  • css
  • images
  • index
  • list

##Learn Have a good look at S3Deploy.js because it's where all the good stuff goes on. Reading that code gives lots of concrete examples all of you can well use.

##Further Info

Please share this repo and the accompanying article with those who will benefit.