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  • So Miyagawa
  • Kirill Bulert
  • Marco Büchler


  • Eliese-Sophia Lincke


  • The final stage of the Ancient Egyptian language used in Egypt from ca. the third century
  • A new writing system based on the Greek alphabet and several letters from Demotic (a language stage and writing system used in Egypt from ~ 700 BCE)
  • A language transmitted in several regional forms (dialects) with a large production of manuscripts in Sahidic Coptic, the dialect at the basis of our OCR work

Coptic alphabet

  • Ca. 30 letters.
  • Several diacritics such as tremas, circumflexes, supralinear strokes etc.
  • Several punctuation marks such as dots, commas, and colons
  • Editorial marks in editions

Why is Coptic OCR needed?

  • OCR for Coptic is not well-developed.
  • Almost all the Coptic texts in past publications were not OCRed.
  • OCR for Coptic is needed by many DH projects in Coptic.
  • There is a small amount of human power in Coptology compared with the large amount of unOCRed Coptic editions.

Coptic DH projects (selected)

  • SFB 1136 (Göttingen)
    • Creates a text corpus of selected monastic works in Coptic
  • Digital Edition of the Coptic Old Testament (Göttingen)
    • Creates a digital edition of the Coptic translation of the Old Testament
  • Coptic SCRIPTORIUM (Georgetown/Pacific)
    • Creates a linguistically annotated Coptic corpus

Existing Coptic OCR

New method: Ocropy

  • Python-based OCR package
  • Using recurrent neural networks
  • Originally developed by Thomas Breuel
  • Available at
  • Trained for Coptic by our group and our collaborator Eliese-Sophia Lincke (Berlin)

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