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Open Source P25 KFD (Key Fill Device/Keyloader/KVL)


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Open Source P25 Key Fill Device

Compliant with P25 standards (TIA-102.AACD-A)

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Software Manual: view

Security Considerations: view


Key Fill Device (KFD)

The KFDtool software supports KFD features through the KFDtool hardware adapter (TWI/3WI/Three Wire Interface), as well as through a IP (UDP) connection (DLI/Data Link Independent interface).

Keys and groups of keys can be saved to an AES-256 encrypted key container file, which can then be selected and loaded into a target device in one operation.

Supported Manual Rekeying Features (TIA-102.AACD-A)

  • 2.3.1 Keyload
  • 2.3.2 Key Erase
  • 2.3.3 Erase All Keys
  • 2.3.4 View Key Info
  • 2.3.5 View Individual RSI
  • 2.3.6 Load Individual RSI
  • 2.3.7 View KMF RSI
  • 2.3.8 Load KMF RSI
  • 2.3.9 View MNP
  • 2.3.10 Load MNP
  • 2.3.11 View Keyset Info
  • 2.3.12 Activate Keyset

Motorola refers to the P25 standard 3 wire interface (3WI) keyload protocol as ASTRO 25 mode or CKR mode.

The legacy Motorola proprietary keyloading formats SECURENET and ASN (Advanced SECURENET) are NOT supported by KFDtool. PID mode is also used to refer to ASN mode.

Key validators/generators are available for the following algorithms:

  • AES-256 (Algorithm ID 0x84)
  • DES-OFB (Algorithm ID 0x81)
  • DES-XL (Algorithm ID 0x9F)
  • ADP/RC4 (Algorithm ID 0xAA)

Mobile Radio (MR) Emulator

The KFDtool software only supports MR Emulator features through the KFDtool hardware adapter (TWI/3WI/Three Wire Interface) at this time.

This mode allows another keyloader to be connected to the KFDtool, and the keys retrieved.

Supported Manual Rekeying Features (TIA-102.AACD-A)

  • 2.3.1 Keyload

Radio Compatibility

Any statements of compatibility do not imply endorsement by the vendor. Testing has not been performed by the vendor themselves.

A detailed list of compatible radios and adapters is available here.

Radios that are compatible with Motorola KVL3000/KVL3000+/KVL4000/KVL5000 keyloaders in ASTRO 25 mode should be compatible with KFDtool.

Keyloading cables made for other radios with MX (Motorola KVL) connectors can be modified by soldering an AC101 or AC102 Hirose pigtail in parallel with the MX connector according to these instructions.

Operations encapsulated with encryption (commonly referred to as FIPS mode) are not supported at this time for either the KFD or MR emulation modes.


Assembled and tested KFDtool hardware is available from me directly. I can ship internationally. Please visit the online store to place an order.

Proceeds from hardware sales enables me to further develop the software.

Part Number Description
KFD100 Single Hirose port USB key fill device (includes 1 m / 3 ft USB A to USB B cable)
AC100 6 pin male plug Hirose to 6 pin male plug Hirose cable (0.5 m / 1.5 ft)
AC101 6 pin male plug Hirose pigtail for custom cables (0.5 m / 1.5 ft)
AC102 6 pin female jack Hirose pigtail for custom cables (0.5 m / 1.5 ft)
AC103 Motorola R2670 compatible adapter (0.15 m / 6 in)
AC104 Kenwood KPG-115 compatible adapter (0.15 m / 6 in)
AC105 4 way female jack passive Hirose splitter
AC106 Kenwood KPG-93 compatible adapter (0.15 m / 6 in)
AC107 Motorola XTS4000 compatible adapter (0.15 m / 6 in)
AC108 Aeroflex/IFR 2975 compatible adapter (0.15 m / 6 in)
AC109 Harris XG-100P/XL-150P/XL-185P/XL-200P compatible adapter
AC110 KFDShield TRS compatible adapter (0.15 m / 6 in)

OS Compatibility

  • KFDtool software supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

  • The .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later compatible must be installed

  • The use of a virtual machine with USB passthrough is NOT supported at this time

    • Changing the USB controller from USB 2.0 mode to USB 3.0 mode has been reported to resolve the issue
    • Do not attempt to update the adapter firmware or initialize an adapter using USB passthrough


Community Forks

The following projects are community created forks of the KFDtool project.

License / Legal

KFDtool software, firmware, and hardware is distributed under the MIT License (see LICENSE.txt).

KFDtool is a trademark of KFDtool, LLC

All product names, trademarks, registered trademarks, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product, and service names used are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, trademarks, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.

Included open-source components:

Software (see doc/SW_LICENSE.txt):

Firmware (see doc/FW_LICENSE.txt):

  • Texas Instruments - BSD 3 Clause License