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Collection of X299 System SSDTs
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This X299 System SSDT Github repository constitutes a set of motherboard and PCIe-Slot specific system SSDTs for the ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe. Users of different motherboards and/or different PCIe-Slot populations have to adopt at least the ACPI path and ACPI replacments implemented in each specfic file.

How to do so, is explained wihtin this small and basic guideline:

In general it is recommended to directly use or modify/adopt the ready-to-use AML files under "Distribution".

However it is also possible to downlaod a DSL version of the respective AML files under "Sources" and to subseqeuntly execute the Compile.command from terminal; However, compilation errors (DSL to AML conversion errors) induced by the MaciASL compiler cannot be excluded in this case.

Note that I am also currently adding some system SSDTs for the ASUS WS X299 Sage 10G, which can be accessed from the respective subdirectory (See also README.MD conained therein).

ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe SSDTs

Collection of X299 System SSDTs for the ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe.

AML File Description
SSDT-X299-HDEF.aml On-board Realtek ALC S1220 HD Audio controller HDEF PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-ANS.aml On-board NVME controller ANS1 and ANS2 PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-PMCR.aml On-board PMC controller PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-SAT1.aml On-board AHCI SATA controller PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-THSS.aml On-board Thermal controller PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-USBX.aml Fixes USB Power Errors during system boot
SSDT-X299-XHCI.aml On-board ASM1074 USB3.0 extensible Host Controller XHCI PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-XHC.aml On-board ASN3142#1, ASN3142#2 and ASN3142#3 USB3.1 extensible Host Controller XHC2, XHC3 and XHC4 PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-ETH.aml On-board Intel I219V2 and I211VA 1GB NIC controlller PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-RadeonVII-WEGVII.aml Interim AMD Radeon VII PCIe Slot-1 GFX0 and HDAU PCI implementation for use with modified Whatevergreen Source Code distrubution also considering Radeon VII
SSDT-X299-Vega-Frontier.aml AMD Radeon RX Vega Frontier PCIe Slot-1 GFX0 and HDAU PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-Vega64.aml AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 PCIe Slot-1 GFX0 and HDAU PCI implementation (Sapphire Nitro+ RX Vega 64)
SSDT-X299-Vega56.aml AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 PCIe Slot-1 GFX0 and HDAU PCI implementation (MSI RX VEGA 56 Air Boost OC
SSDT-X299-RX580.aml AMD Radeon RX 580 PCIe Slot-1 GFX0 and HDAU PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-RX560.aml AMD Radeon RX 560 PCIe Slot-1 GFX0 and HDAU PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-Nvidia.aml Nvidia PCIe Slot-1 GFX0 and HDAU PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-ARPT.aml OSXWIFI Broadcom BCM94360CD BT/WIFI PCIe Slot-3 ARPT PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-TB3HP.aml GC-Titan Ridge/GC-Alpine Ridge/ASUS TBEX 3 TB3/USB-C Hotplug Injector Slot-4 PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-ACQU.aml Acquantia AQC107-AFW 10GB NIC PCIe Slot-6 XGBE PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-X540-T1.aml Intel X540-T1 10GB NIC PCIe Slot-6 XGBE PCI implementation
SSDT-X299-P2EI0G-2T.aml Small-Tree P2EI0G-2T 10GB NIC PCIe Slot-6 XGBE and XGBF PCI implementations
SSDT-DTPG.aml DTPG PCI implementation (required for all SSDTs listed above)

Required Patches

The SSDTs above require the following config.plist ACPI DSDT patch replacements.

Comment Find [HEX] Replace [Hex]
PC00PCI0 50433030 50434930
_OSIXOSI 5F4F5349 584F5349
EC0_EC__ 4543305F 45435F5F
H_ECEC__ 485F4543 45435F5F
HEC1IMEI 48454331 494D4549
IDERMEID 49444552 4D454944
LPC0LPCB 4C504330 4C504342
FPU_MATH 4650555F 4D415448
TMR_TIMR 544D525F 54494D52
PIC_IPIC 5049435F 49504943
_DSMXDSM 5F44534D 5844534D
SMBS._ADRXSBU.XADR 534D4253 085F4144 52 58534255 08584144 52


Special thanks to Apfelnico and NMano for all substantial and always kind contributions.

Partial contributions of Mork vom Ork, Matthew82, Maleorderbridge, TheRacerMaster, Crismac2013 and LeleTuratti to SSDT-X299-TB3HP.aml might also be mentioned in addition.

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