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KGP New FakeSMC/HWSensors for Radeon VII support
New FakeSMC/HWSensor distribution supporting Radeon VII GPU Temp information
Latest commit a71df51 Apr 6, 2019
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EFI-X99-10.13.6-Release-iMacPro1, Clover_v2.4k_r4706, AppleLC v1.3.2, Lili v1.2.7 Oct 14, 2018
EFI-X99-10.13.6-Release-iMacPro1, Adding EFI-Folder-Distribution Sep 19, 2018
EFI-X99-10.14-PB10-Release-iMacPro1, Adding X99 10.14 PB10 EFI-Folder distribution Sep 19, 2018
EFI-X99-10.14-PB7-Release-iMacPro1,1-220818 Adding EFI-Folder-Distributions Sep 19, 2018
EFI-X99-10.14.0-Release-iMacPro1, Implementing Clover_v2.4k_r4706 Oct 14, 2018
EFI-X99-10.14.0-Release-iMacPro1, Adding EFI-Folder for macOS Mojave 10.14.0 Sep 24, 2018
EFI-X99-10.14.0-Release-iMacPro1, modifying XCPM Kernel patches Oct 1, 2018
EFI-X99-10.14.1-Release-iMacPro1, Clover_v2.4k_r4771; Clover Theme Update Nov 22, 2018
EFI-X99-10.14.1-Release-iMacPro1, Adding X99 EFI-Folder for 10.14.1 Oct 31, 2018
EFI-X99-10.14.2-Release-iMacPro1, 10.14.2 X99 EFI-Folder distribution Dec 10, 2018
EFI-X99-10.14.5-Beta-iMacPro1, Update Feb 8, 2019


1.) EFI-Folder distributions valid for ASUS X99-A II with patched BIOS Firware for MSR register kernel write.

For mainbaords with locked MSR register, check KernelPM and enable _xcpm_core_scope_msrs © Pike R. Alpha Kernel patch in config.plist - Section "Kernel and Kext Patches" of Clover Configurator

2.) EFI-Folder distribution valid for Broadwell-E

For use with Haswell-E CPUs, change

FakeCPUID (Broadwell-E):0x040674


FakeCPUID (Haswell-E): empty, not required, natively suported

in config.plist - Section "Kernel and Kext Patches" of Clover Configurator.

For Haswell-E also chhange _xcpm_cpuid_set_info and _xcpm_bootstrap Kernel patches for Broadwell-E

_xcpm_cpuid_set_info (Broadwell-E)

Find: 723cd077 500fb6c0

Replace: 6a3cd077 500fb6c0

_xcpm_bootstrap (Broadwell-E)

Find: 89d804c4 3c227722

Replace:89d804c3 3c227722


_xcpm_cpuid_set_info (Haswell-E)

Find: 723cd077 500fb6c0

Replace: 6f3cd077 500fb6c0

xcpm_bootstrap (Haswell-E)

Find: 89d804c4 3c227722

Replace:89d804c1 3c227722

_xcpm_cpuid_set_info kernel patch is obsolete for Broadwell-E and Haswell-E and can remain disabled

_xcpm_bootstrap kernel patch seems still required for some Haswell-E CPUs, e.g. i7-5820k.

_xcpm_bootstrap Kernel patch for Broadwell-E is also obsolete and can remain disabled.

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