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WPSR Spot Analysis Tools
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WSPR Analysis provides a set of functions to download and parse database archive files from WSPRnet to enable post even analysis.

The download lists are generated directly from WSPRnet archive URL. As new files are added, they should be picked up by and added to the process list. This includes the the current month which is updated in early hours UTC each day.

At present, the scripts only work with Python3, however, they will auto select the extension based on running Windows .zip or Linux .gz

At the time of this writing the following features are enabled:

  • Download / Update all WSPRnet archive files
  • Download / Update current month archive file
  • Generate call sign specific raw CSV files
  • Generate call sign specific Epoch converted ( human readable ) CSV files
  • Generate Spots per Band per Day for current month

Much more is planned for as time allows... stay tunned!


During development, this package is not intended for pip installaiton. It should be checked out and run from source.

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