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BurpSuite Extension Ruby Template to speed up building a Burp Extension using Ruby
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Burp Suite Extension | Ruby Templates


This repository is a collection of templates of Burp Suite Extensions, focusing on Burp suite API functionalities and simplifying Java language consuming through JRuby.

Here, we're trying to make it a simple as possible. You Just focus on your idea and save time tons of times searching for examples and extensions.


Due the lake of examples and implementations of Burp Extension using Ruby, I've decided to make it easy for all rubyists to have a confident and quick start to build useful extension for InfoSec community. This repository with NO doubt will speed up building your Burp Extension using Ruby. This is a part of @Rubyfu ( goals of filling the gab of Ruby existence upon InfoSec community.


There are couple of news here, one is good and one is bad:

The good news is, all written extensions whether its written in Java, Ruby or Python are identecally useful resources to you.

The Bad news is, you've to read and understand a bit of Java. And that's the key of the good news though ;)

Note: Some extensions have been supported with animated screenshots for clarity before use.

Extensions / Templates

Burp GUI

Extension Description
send_alert_pure.rb Pure implementation of sending messages to Alerts tab
popup_msg_pure.rb Pure implementation of popping up a GUI message box
suite_itab_pure.rb Pure implementation of Suite Tab (ITab)
editor_tab_pure.rb Pure implementation of editor tab (beside request & response tabs)
context_menu_pure.rb Pure implementation of context menu (Right-click menu)
suite_itab_subtab.rb Pure implementation of Suite Tab and sub-tabs (sub-panels)
suite_itab_subtab_icon.rb Pure implementation of Suite Tab and sub-tabs (sub-panels) with icons
context_menu_pure.rb Pure implementation of custom menus and sub-menus with some actions
tab_tree.rb Implementation of tab contains a tree of items
- -

Burp Functionalities

Extension Description
- -
- -
- -


All contributions are welcome. You can contribute by

  • Adding more extension
  • Adding more comments
  • Enhancing the code
  • Reporting bugs and errors
  • Request an extension

Start Now

  1. Fork
  2. Clone
  3. Create a new branch
  4. contribute
  5. PR


  • Customizing Burp Suite - Getting the Most out of Burp Extensions [ Link ]
  • Google dork: burp extension
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