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# Voracious Velociraptor
## 2012 Rebound Rumble

Sir Galahad, our 2012 Rebound Rumble robot, performed better than expected and brought us to the [2012 FRC World Championship Event]( held in St. Louis, MI. Although it was amazing in competition, programming our robot for the 2012 season was a challenge.

## Summary of Code
- 2 joysticks for driving, 1 for shooting
- Tank drive with shifting
- PID Control for maintaining proper shooter speed
- Two pneumatic kickers to push the bridges down and to keep our robot on its wheels
- Servo controlled camera pan and tilt
- Vision processing was attempted, but not used in our competition code
- FRC Dashboard modifications, not included

### Images of code coming soon!
- - -

Code created by [Mason Tran]( and [Ryan Zoeller](, members of [FRC 2169 KING TeC](

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