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2013 Dashboard Project
LabVIEW Robot Code
builds/FRC Dashboard Project/FRC PC Dashboard


Xenophobic Xylophone

2013 Ultimate Ascent

[Description with picture goes here]

Summary of LabVIEW Code

  • Two joysticks for driving, one for shooting
  • Tank drive with shifting
  • PID Control for maintaining proper shooter speed
  • Lead screw for adjusting angle of elevation of shooter
  • Servo controlled camera pan and tilt
  • Two pneumatic pistons for climbing the first level
  • Two limit switches to activate the pistons

Summary of Arduino Code (Mammoth Mallet)

  • Read from ADXL345 on an I2C bus and calculate angles based on force vectors
  • Measure RPM of shooter
  • TCP Server via Ethernet
  • Transmit data collected to dash and to cRIO on port 1180

Images of code coming soon!

Code created by Mason Tran, Ryan Glaser, and Ryan Zoeller, members of FRC Team 2169 KING TeC