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Hospitalization Nowcast Hub

A collaborative nowcasting project



This repository assembles nowcasts of the seven-day hospitalization incidence due to COVID-19 in Germany in a standardized format. The repository is run by members of the Chair of Econometrics and Statistics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Computational Statistics Group at Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, see below. It is based on data from Robert Koch Institute which we have processed for the purpose of nowcasting.

An interactive dashboard and background information can be found here:

Contents of the repository

The main contents of the repository are currently the following:

  • data-truth: truth data from RKI in a standardized format
  • data-processed: nowcasts in a standardized format
  • data-processed_retrospective: nowcasts which have not been submitted in realtime but were computed retrospectively
  • data-processed_replaced: nowcasts which were replaced due to technical problems (upon teams' request)

Guide to submission

This is a collaborative project which is open for contributions. If you are interested in contributing please check our wiki, in particular the page on submissions. Submission is based on pull requests.

Relationship to Forecast Hubs

This projet draws heavily from the US, EU and German / Polish COVID-19 Forecast Hubs (all code bases under MIT license). We are grateful to all contributors of these projects.