Installation setup

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For installation of the EasyMiner project, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Install at least one of the available data mining backends
  1. Install and configure EasyMinerCenter (available in this repository) with all submodules

Instalation requirements

For using of EasyMinerCenter, you have to meet these conditions:

  • Web server with support of .htaccess and PHP
  • Support for mod_rewrite and mod_headers is required.
  • PHP 5.3.7 or higher is required
  • The configuration of PHP directives and extensions will be checked on the start of the Installation wizard. If you do not know, how to configure it, go to the help.
  • MySQL database server with root user account
  • There will be automatically created separate user accounts and databases for the users of the EasyMiner system.

Instalation setup

  1. Download EasyMinerCenter
  1. Copy the source codes on the web server and configure user privileges
  • You can upload the project into your preffered directory available over internet.
  • In the application directory, the following subdirectories has to be created and writable for the PHP scripts. We recommend to change the user permissions to these subdirectories to 777.
    • /log
    • /temp
  1. Create MySQL database for the application data
  • The project requires a MySQL database for the application EasyMinerCenter itself. You have to configure a MySQL database - the installation wizard will require the configuration params.
  1. Run the installation wizard
  • Open a web browser and go to the page: {APPLICATION_URL}/install (where {APPLICATION_URL} is the URL to the application on the web server, for example: http://myserver.tld/install)
  • The installation wizard is described on a separate page: Installation wizard
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