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Installation wizard

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The application EasyMinerCenter includes a web installation wizard. This wizard configures the preferences of the application and it´s features, so you do not have to manually edit any configuration files.

When you finish the Installation setup, you should navigate your web browser to the URL {APPLICATION_URL}/install (where {APPLICATION_URL} is the URL for access to the application root). You should see a graphical user interface of the application. On this page, you can read some notes to the installation wizard steps.

Database for the application data

The application requires to have an access to a MySQL database. For the installation, the database should be empty - to prevent conflicts with other data tables.

When you use the installation wizard for modification of the parameters of an existing installation of EasyMinerCenter, you should skip the creation of the database!

Databases for the user data

The application requires to have root access to a database server for automatic creation of user accounts and databases.

Data mining backends

The application supports more data mining backends. You have to configure at least one data mining backend and fill the prepared URL in the installation wizard.

Social network logins

The application supports login using a Facebook or Google account. This feature is only optional. If you would like to use it, you need to register the installation of EasyMinerCenter as an application for the selected social network.


To support of login using a Facebook account, you have to register a new Facebook application. You need to get an App ID and App Secret Code.

  1. Go to the page:
  2. If you do not have a Facebook developer account, you have to configure it.
  3. Use the link Create new Facebook App. The platform should be Web page (WWW).
  4. Fill in the application name, the application URL and skip to the Developer Dashboard (
  5. Copy the App ID and App Secret to the install wizard of EasyMinerCenter.
  6. Go to the Facebook application Settings. You have to input the application domain and contact e-mail. Optionally, you can also add an application icon and description.
  7. On the page Status & Review, switch the application to public mode. You do not have submit the application to review!

Google Account

To support of login using a Google account, you have to register a new Google application project. You need to get an Client ID and Client Secret Code.

  1. Go to the Google Developers Console:
  2. Use the link Create project and write the new project name.
  3. Go to the page APIs & auth -> Consent screen and write the public project name. Optionally, you can also include an application image, contacts, web URL etc.
  4. Go to the page APIs & auth -> Credentials and use the link Create new Client ID.
  • Application type: Web application
  • Authorized redirect URIs: You have to input the redirect URL. The URL should be {APPLICATION_URL}/em/user/oauth-google. If necessary, you can also configure more redirect URLs - for example for distribution and testing installation.
  1. Copy the Client ID and Secret Code from the page APIs & auth -> Credentials to the EasyMinerCenter install wizard.

Installation password

For security reasons, on the last page of the installation wizard, you have to input an installation password. This password will be required in case when you will need to re-initialize the installation wizard to modify the configuration parameters.

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