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This is a GATE plugin for the NER REST API. You can use it perform Named Entity Recognition over English, German and Dutch written texts. It is a light version of the GATE plugin. If you don't want to depend on the REST API you can use the stand-alone version of the API. Using the light version you can perform:

  • Entity Spotting - each detected named entity in the text will be marked with NamedEntity annotation.

  • Entity Disambiguation - each spotted entity is further disambiguated with a an URI from the DBpedia namespace. E.g. for the entity Prague.

  • Entity Classification - for each disambiguated entity we provide set of types represented as DBpedia instances or DBpedia Ontology types. When using the plugin you can set the typesFilter parameter to filter out only types as DBpedia instances, DBpedia Ontology types, or both. The possible parameter values are:

    • dbo - filter only DBpedia Ontology types
    • dbinstance - filter only types defined as DBpedia instances
    • all - the entity types can be either DBpedia Ontology clases or DBpedia instances

How to start using it?


  1. Add our plugin repository. Open CREOLE Plugin Manager -> Configuration, check if the User Plugin Directory is set, otherwise configure it. Finally, add the following repository to the list of plugin repositories:
  2. Install the plugin. In the CREOLE Plugin Manager go to Available to Install tab, check Entityclassifier_NER_Stand_Alone and click Apply all, then go to the Available plugins tab and select load now and load always.

  3. Request a free API key for the REST API. Request an API key using the Web form!

  4. Create a corpus pipeline. We recommend following order of the processing resources in the pipeline:

    • Document Reset PR
    • Light REST API PR - create an instance of the processing resource and add it at the end of the pipeline.
  5. Create a document corpus and run the pipeline.

  6. Check the results! - the spotted entities are annotated as NamedEntity annotations. Each entity has a disambiguation URI which is encoded as annotation feature itsrdf:taIdentRefX=.... Each assigned type is also present as annotation feature in the form of rdf:typeX=...


Enjoy discovering entities!

Comparison: Stand-Alone vs. Light REST API plugin

Plugin comparison

If you need any help/support with the plugin free to contact us. Bugs please report as issues to this repository.


Licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3 (GNU GPLv3).

Copyright (c) 2014-2015


A light GATE plugin for the NER REST API.






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