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A mod for Warzone 2100 - Enhanced Balance
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Warzone2100 Enhanced Balance Mod

alt text

This mod fixes many imbalances in Warzone2100 gameplay and adds hundreds of additional weapons, bodies, structures, propulsions and strategies that are balanced and functioning.

Compatible with Warzone2100 master (as of August 5 2019) and version 3.3 beta2 (when available).

Warzone 2100, the actual game: (Parent Project)

Warzone 2100 Development Forum: (General Contributors)


See art/ for the list of art assets being used in this mod (models, textures, effects, shaders, etc.).

General overview of changes:

  • New NASDA propulsions and bodies (courtesy of the Art Revolution Mod). Items labeled NASDA have slightly superior stats but at increased costs.
  • New research upgrades that increase weapon ranges. Each weapon line now has an additional line of upgrades for range.
  • New droid speeds that allow for every body/propulsion/turret combination to have a unique speed signature. Engine upgrades also make droids move significantly faster.
  • Increased upper max speed limit on droids. Droids can now move faster with appropriate speed upgrades.
  • New scavenger models and AI behaviour courtesy of the Ultimate Scavengers mod.
  • New jammer turret and behavior.
  • New helicopter propulsion.
  • Added several new base structures.
  • New cyborg speed upgrades.
  • New cyborg models - Mech cyborgs.
  • New graphical models for walls - hardcrete, supercrete, plascrete and plasteel.
  • New graphical models for defense structures.
  • Improved defensive structures. Defensive structures are now stronger and have height advantages.
  • Improved experience ranks. It's now easier to accumulate ranks.
  • Improved many of the non-useful turrets such as nexus link, bunker buster, non-bomb VTOL's, commanders.
  • Added more power into the game with slightly faster production and more expensive research.
  • Added approximately 80 new weapon turrets. Items named "augmented" or "stabilized" have increased range.


Place EB-Mod.wz in the global mod folder and start Warzone2100 with the command line parameter --mod=EB-Mod.wz

See Warzone 2100 command line parameters for additional help

The global mods folder for Windows can be located at: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Warzone 2100 Project\Warzone 2100 master\mods\global

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