Install Singularity extension

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Sigularity uses Breakpoint extension, which is not included in

  1. Download, unzip and rename the folder to breakpoint, and put it in .compass/extensions.

  2. Download, unzip and rename the folder to singularitygs, and put it in .compass/extensions.

  3. Restart Now you can choose "Create Compass Project -> singularitygs -> project". But since has no sass file, will generate htc/php files, stop watch the folder, and complain:

    Nothing to compile. If you're trying to start a new project, you have left off the directory argument. Run "compass -h" to get help.

  4. Create a "sass" folder in the project folder you created, and put some Sigularity files into it. Ex.

  5. Use to watch the folder again. It works now.