Install Susy or Zurb Foundation

hlb edited this page Jul 31, 2012 · 1 revision v1.17 has built-in Sass/Compass prerelease version support.

1. Choose "Beta" Compass version in preference panel

Preference - Compass

2. Create Compass extension folder

From Compass 0.11, extensions that are installed into ~/.compass/extensions will be automatically available to all your compass projects. Please also check Use Compass Extensions first.

mkdir -p ~/.compass/extensions
open ~/.compass/extensions

3. Download latest Susy pre

  1. Choose "Download as zip" in the download page (Susy or Foundation) on GitHub.
  2. Unzip it and rename the folder to "susy" or "zurb-foundation". IMPORTANT
  3. Move the folder to ~/.compass/extensions.

Screenshot: .compass/extensions folder

Done. Please restart