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Small vim plugin implementing a send-to-window operator.
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Vim operator to send text from one window to another.

Main use case is sending code to and from the REPL running inside :terminal buffer.


  1. Sending lines using motions


  1. Sending parts of a line using motions


  1. Sending paragraphs using text objects


  1. Sending text using visual selections


  1. Sending commands back - from REPL to script



With your favorite plugin manager. In my case it's vim-plug:

Plug 'KKPMW/vim-sendtowindow'

Or manually copy the contents of the plugin folder to your ./vim/plugin/ directory.


  • Text can be defined by motions and text objects
  • Tries to position the cursor in a convenient place after each call.
  • Dot repeatable.


By default it uses the following maps:

  • <space>l sends to the right window
  • <space>k sends to the top window
  • <space>j sends to the bottom window
  • <space>h sends to the left window

In order to change the above key maps add the following to you vimrc:

let g:sendtowindow_use_defaults=0
nmap L <Plug>SendRight
xmap L <Plug>SendRightV
nmap H <Plug>SendLeft
xmap H <Plug>SendLeftV
nmap K <Plug>SendUp
xmap K <Plug>SendUpV
nmap J <Plug>SendDown
xmap J <Plug>SendDownV

This would map all the commands to L, H, K and J respectively.

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