Caching extensions for creating and maintaining custom caches for Sitecore Development. Project is based on Helix Design Principles.
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The Sitecore.CacheExtensions library is a series of extensions to provide configuration based caches, based on the helix design principles.


Using nuget: Install-Package Sitecore.CacheExtensions

Injected Services

The following classes are automatically injected into the Sitecore OTB Service Collection:

  • SitecoreCacheManager (ICacheManager) - Adds layer to expose configured caches
  • TransientCache (BaseTransientCache) - Adds caching per request within the HttpContext.Items
  • SessionCache (BaseSessionCache) - Adds caching per session within the HttpContext.Session

To grab a reference to either the SitecoreCacheManager, TransientCache, or SessionCache, add a class that extends the IServicesConfigurator and add your classes that you would like to be resolved.

public class RegisterDependencies : IServicesConfigurator 
        public void Configure(IServiceCollection serviceCollection)
            // Add your classes here using the serviceCollection methods
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<configuration xmlns:patch="">
      <configurator type="[Class], [Assembly Name]" />

For more information, see:

Adding a Sitecore Cache

Add a new cache by adding a path configuration like so:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<configuration xmlns:patch="">
            <cache name="example-cache" maxSize="100MB" lifespan="60" expirationType="sliding" />

Configuring the Cache

All fields are required


Must be unique and is used to identify the cache with the Cache Manager


Max size of the cache in string representation


  • 100K
  • 10MB
  • 1GB


Lifetime of a cache entry, read in the number of seconds.


  • 60 = 1 minute
  • 360 = 6 minutes
  • 3600 = 1 hour


Determines how the cache entry should expire

Supported Expiration Types:

  • Sliding - expires entry if it hasn't been accessed within the lifespan
  • Absolute - expires entry after a set amount of time
  • Sticky (not implemented)