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For Chicago Ruby's Hack Night on 15 Dec 2011:

Inspired by the one-line scripts for awk, we'll write Ruby programs to do things like double-space a file or add line numbers to the file or center the text in each line of a file. The challenge is to write the shortest possible program that works for each of these tasks:

doublespace a file

  ruby -lpe '$_<<"\n"'

add line numbers to each input file

  # not happy with this one, but couldn't figure out how to get ARGF to reset $.
  # (also, 1.9 only)
  ruby -e 'l=-> line {puts "#$. #{line}"}; ARGV.each { |name| File.foreach name, &l}; $stdin.each &l'

  # alternative version
  # $<.pos, that is ARGF#pos, returns position (in bytes) in the current file
  # that allows us to reset $. at the end of the first line of each file
  ruby -ne '$. = 1 if $<.pos - $_.size == 0; puts "#$. #$_"'

add line numbers for all files together

 ruby -lne 'print "#$. #$_"'
 ruby -lpe '$_.prepend "#$. "'

add line numbers only for nonblank lines

ruby -lpe '/^$/ ? $.-=1 : $_ = "#$. :#$_"'

count lines in file

ruby -ne 'END{puts $.}'

count words in file

ruby -ane 'w = (w||0) + $F.size; END { p w }'

output total number of lines that contain 'abc'

ruby -e 'p ARGF.readlines.grep(/abc/).size'
ruby -ne 'w=(w||0)+1 if /abc/; END{p w}'

output a string of 43 X's

ruby -e 'puts "X"*43'

insert a string of 3 X's after column 6 of each input line

ruby -ple '$_.insert 6, "xxx" if $_.size > 6'

delete leading whitespace from beginning of each line

ruby -pe '$_.sub! /^\s+/, ""'

delete trailing whitespace from end of each line

ruby -pe '$_.gsub! /\s+$/, "\n"'

add leading blanks to right-align all text in 80-column width

ruby -ple '$_="%80s"%$_'
ruby -ple '$_=$_.rjust 80'

add leading and trailing blanks to center each line in 80 columns

ruby -lpe '$_= $_.center 80' input-file

reverse the text in each line

ruby -lpe '$_.reverse!'

concatenate every 5 lines of input, using , as separator

ruby -e 'ARGF.each_slice(5) { |lines| puts lines.map(&:chomp).join(",") }'
ruby -nle 's=(s||[])<<$_; puts(s.join ",")||s.clear if $.%5==0'

print first 10 lines of file

ruby -pe 'exit if $. > 10'

print last 10 lines of file

ruby -e 'puts ARGF.readlines[-10..-1]'

print line 13 of file

ruby -ne 'puts $_ if $. == 13'

delete blank lines from file

ruby -ne 'puts $_ unless $_ == "\n"'

delete consecutive empty lines (all but one in each group) from file

ruby -ne 'puts $_ if /^[^\n]/../^$/'

delete any duplicate lines from file

# consecutive duplicates
ruby -lne 'BEGIN{last=""};puts last=$_ unless last==$_'

# any duplicate in input
ruby -lne 'BEGIN{lines=Hash.new{|h,l|puts h[l]=l}};lines[$_]'